Saturday, December 16, 2006

Toyota Hybrid System Control For Toyota Ohio

The system control of THS II maintains the vehicle at its maximum operating efficiency by managing the energy used by the entire vehicle, which includes the energy for moving the vehicle as well as the energy used for auxiliary devices, such as the air-conditioner, heaters, headlights and navigation system. The system control monitors the requirements and operating states of hybrid system components, such as the engine, which is the source of energy for the entire hybrid vehicle; the generator, which acts as the starter for the engine and converts the energy from the engine into electricity; the motor, which generates the drive power for running the vehicle using the electrical energy from the battery; and the battery, which stores the electrical energy generated through power generation by the motor during deceleration. It also receives braking information being sent via the vehicle's control network, as well as instructions from the driver, such as the throttle opening and shift lever position. In other words, the system control of THS II monitors these various energy consumption statuses of the vehicle in real time and provides precise and fast integrated control so that the vehicle can be operated safely and comfortably at the highest possible efficiency.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Toyota of Bedford

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Toyota of Bedford located in Bedford, Ohio, is one of Cleveland and Akron's finest Toyota dealers. Please research our website for your next vehicle purchase.